— Why is it that old wives tales are called old wives tales


When old men’s tales are called religion and philosophy?

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'Sista Girls' by Bindi Cole

The term ‘Sistagirl’ is used to describe a transgender person in Tiwi Island culture. Traditionally, the term was ‘Yimpininni’.  The very existence of the word provides some indication of the inclusive attitudes historically extended towards Aboriginal sexual minorities. Colonisation not only wiped out many indigenous people, it also had an impact on Aboriginal culture and understanding of sexual and gender expression. As Catholicism took hold and many traditions were lost, this term became a thing of the past. Yimpininni were once held in high regard as the nurturers within the family unit and tribe much like the Faafafine from Samoa. As the usage of the term vanished, tribes’ attitudes toward queer indigenous people began to resemble that of the western world and religious right. Even today many Sistergirls are excluded from their own tribes and suffer at the hands of others.

Within a population of around 2500, there are approximately 50 ‘Sistagirls’ living on the Tiwi Islands. This community contains a complex range of dynamics including a hierarchy (a queen Sistergirl), politics, and a significant history of pride and shame. The Sistagirls are isolated yet thriving, unexplored territory with a beauty, strength and diversity to inspire and challenge.

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my feet, plane ride to san francisco

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There Are No Prisons In A Queer Paradise // San Francisco, CA, USA // Free the gay shame 3


There Are No Prisons In A Queer Paradise // San Francisco, CA, USA // Free the gay shame 3

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- Tumblr boys: of course I'm a feminist. I am deeply repulsed by misogyny in any form.
- Charles Bukowski/Ernest Hemingway/Woody Allen/Henry Miller: women suck
- Tumblr boys: that man was a genius
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so many aesthetics, so little cash

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"idris elba as—"


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Cindy Sherman, from Untitled Film Stills, 1977-1980

Other artists had drawn upon popular culture, but Sherman’s strategy was new. For her the pop-culture image was not a subject (as it had been for Walker Evans) or raw material (as it had been for Andy Warhol) but a whole artistic vocabulary, ready-made. Her film stills look and function just like the real ones—those 8-by-10-inch glossies designed to lure us into a drama we find all the more compelling because we know it is not real.

In theUntitled Film Stills there are no Cleopatras, no ladies on trains, no women of a certain age. There are, of course, no men. The sixty-nine solitary heroines map a particular constellation of fictional femininity that took hold in postwar America—the period of Sherman’s youth, and the ground-zero of our contemporary mythology. In finding a form for her own sensibility, Sherman touched a sensitive nerve in the culture at large. (via)

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